Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 Competitive Junior Players.

Aug 6 – 11 : Under 18 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, Ontario Racquet Club, Mississauga, ON  

Aug 15 – 21 : Under 16 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, Granite Club, Toronto, ON

Aug 16 – 23 : Under 12 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, Carrefour Multisports, Laval, QC

Aug 24 – 31 : Under 14 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, Carrefour Multisports, Laval, QC



A) Qualification Cut-off Dates & Team Size

Players will be selected for the Fischer Outdoor National Championships based on Tennis Canada National Bank Rankings using the following cut-off dates:

U12, U14 and U16 age categories – July 21, 2024

U18 age category – July 9, 2024

For all age categories (U12, U14, U16 & U18), the top three (3) players by gender in the age category between the two (2) provinces will qualify unless a player exemption(s) has been granted by Team Prairies Selection Committee. (example: U12 – 3 boys and 3 girls, same for U14, U16 and U18).  

Tennis Canada National Bank Rankings are based on a rolling 52 week point accumulation.  Points are accumulated from a player’s top 5 results over the past 52 weeks. Results from each new week will be added and the results from the corresponding week of the previous year will be dropped. Players receive a ranking by playing at least one of the specified ranking event.

If a player ranked in the Top 3 declines invitation to compete in the Fischer Junior Nationals, the next eligible player on the National Bank Rankings List will be invited UP TO THE #6 RANKING IN THAT CATEGORY within the PRAIRIES REGION. 

If an ITF Junior Tournament conflicts directly with the dates of a Prairies Qualification Tournament, the player may choose to compete in the ITF event and receive credit for competing in the conflicting Prairie Qualification Tournament.  The player must submit a COMPETITIVE SCHEDULE to the appropriate Provincial Coach for approval that the LEVEL of the ITF event is appropriate for the player.

B) Exemptions

A player who does not or cannot meet the Qualification Criteria (including being ranked outside the National Bank Ranking top 6 in that category) and is seeking consideration must apply for an exemption to the Team Prairies Selection Committee by 6:00 pm CST June 19, 2024. This deadline applies to all age categories.

Application for an Exemption must be made in writing to the Provincial Tennis Association Office where the athlete resides, citing all reasons for not meeting the minimum qualification requirements and include all necessary doctor’s notes etc. (possible reasons for exemption may include injury, illness, national team requirements**, and/or other valid reasons).

 ** Players who are part of a Tennis Canada NTC (National Training Centre) or Tennis Canada National Team member with a Top 3 National Bank Ranking (within the Prairie Region) in any given category will be considered for exemption even if they do not meet the FULL Team Prairies Selection Criteria

Both Tennis Manitoba and Tennis Saskatchewan would have to accept a player’s exemption request and that it would be a rare case that a player would be accepted as the qualification requirements are minimal.

C) Qualifying Tournaments

To be eligible to qualify for the 2024 Fischer Outdoor Nationals, a player must play a minimum of 5 Qualifying Tournaments (in either Manitoba or Saskatchewan) out of a total of 11 Qualifying Tournaments (SK will host 4 tournaments, MB will host 7 within a calendar year for a total of 11) in the past  52 weeks with at least one of the tournaments being in the other Prairie province and at least one of the tournaments being an indoor tournament prior to the respective 2024 cut-off dates.

2024 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals Prairies Qualifying Tournaments are as follows:

1. Jan 3 – 7 : Taylor Indoor Junior Open, Taylor Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB

2. Feb 2 – 4 : Prairie Regional Indoor Closed, Regina Sportplex, Regina, SK

3. Feb 16 – 18 : Wpg Winter Club Junior Closed, Wpg Winter Club, Winnipeg, MB

4. Mar 1 – 3 : Provincial Indoor Junior Open, Lakewood, Saskatoon, SK

5. Apr 19 – 28 : TMB Hub Junior Series #1, Taylor Tennis Center, Winnipeg, MB

6. May 9 – 12 : Kildonan Junior Open, Kildonan Tennis Club Winnipeg, MB

7. May 24 – 26 : Riverside Jr Open, Riverside Bdmntn and Tennis, Saskatoon, SK

8. May 30 – June 2 : Tuxedo Junior Open, Tuxedo Tennis Club, Winnipeg, MB

9. June 7 – 9 : Provincial Junior Open, Lakeshore Tennis Club Regina, SK

10. June 21 – 23 : TMB Hub Jr Series #2, National Bank TMB Hub, Winnipeg, MB

11. July 4 – 7 : Prairie Regional Jr Champs, TMB Hub, Deer Lodge, Wpg, MB

ITF Junior Tournaments Policy

ITF Junior tournaments played are also accepted as a qualifying tournament. Therefore, any ITF Junior tournaments played count towards the 5 tournament minimum total. However, a player still must play 1 tournament in the other prairie province and 1 indoor tournament.

Please note the following regarding cancelled tournaments / events: players will be given credit for a tournament if they entered a tournament, and it was cancelled due to a lack of entries or poor weather conditions.

D) Additional Criteria

Players will also need to meet the following criteria: 

1.      All athletes must maintain a permanent residence in their respective province as evidenced by a valid Health Services Card.  Students attending school out of province are eligible to participate, however they must still meet the above mentioned residence criteria.

2.      All athletes must be in good standing with their provincial association.

***Respect in Sport Requirement***

At least one parent of a participating player must complete the on-line Respect in Sport module. If not completed, the player will not be eligible to compete. Further information will be provided once the player has qualified for the nationals. For those who have completed the module, the certification is valid for 3 years from the date of completion and you do not need to complete it for this year. The on-line program to be completed 7 days prior to start of applicable National championship.

E) Junior National Travel Policies / Procedures

Please note the following regarding Junior Nationals Participation:

•        All players must agree to the terms and conditions of and sign a Provincial Code of Conduct and Release Form prior to departure. Participant and Parent signature required. Form to be forwarded to applicable Provincial Association prior to departure.

•        All players must agree to the terms and conditions of and sign a Tennis Canada Release Form prior to departure. Participant and Parent signature required. Form to be forwarded to Provincial Association prior to departure.

•        Strong recommendation for players to arrive in the host city 2 days prior to the first day of competition. This is to allow players to practice at the venue and to have extra time in case of travel delays.


It is the responsibility of the players to book their flights, accommodations, transportation. 

•        Team Prairies coaches will book practice courts for all Team Prairies players

•        Players and coaches will attempt to stay at the Tennis Canada designated Host Hotel during Nationals.  Where acceptable by team coach and all athletes, Air BnB (or similar accommodation) may be considered.

•        A designated Team Prairies Coach will be present during Junior Nationals from first ball to last. The designated coach may be a Tennis Saskatchewan or a Tennis Manitoba coach. Provincial Association to approve all designated coaches after all regional qualifying has been completed.

•        The designated coach may or may not accompany all players to and from Nationals (i.e. coach may depart from a different City or Province) … when a player is not traveling with the designated team coach, the player will be provided with contact information of the team coach and the provincial association (phone numbers and cellular numbers) … if travel problems take place, players should contact the appropriate above noted individual as soon as possible … if none of the above noted individuals are available, please contact your parents.

•        The designated coach reserves the right to restrict movie rentals and personal computer / cell phone usage throughout competitions (example: after curfew).  Players must pay for all movie fees and accommodation charged telephone calls upon departure from the designated accommodation.

•        Players and coaches must participate in the Tennis Canada team picture.

Financial Responsibilities 

For the 2024 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, players will be responsible for the following fees: 

  • all travel related expenses (flight, van rental, gas, etc.)
  • all airline baggage fees (departure and return)
  • all airline seat related fees (departure and return)
  • accommodation expenses (room and taxes)
  • extra game, special event tickets, etc.

For the 2024 Fischer Outdoor Junior Nationals, Tennis Manitoba/Tennis Saskatchewan will pay for the following: 

  • all designated coach related / administration related expenses (transportation,    accommodation, honorarium, and per diem)
  • player entry fees ($80.00 / event)
  • “Prairies” Team jacket (one jacket per year approximate cost is $65.00 – $100 /year)


If questions or concerns arise, regarding the attached information, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 

Tennis Manitoba – 204-925-5660 or mark@tennismanitoba.com 

Tennis Saskatchewan – 306-529-5077 or nehasil.marek@gmail.com