The Filipino Canadian Tennis Association of Saskatchewan presented Saskatoon’s Paul Feraro with the Tennis Canada Distinguished Service Award on Sept. 3 for his contributions as a tennis coach, official, administrator and volunteer. The FSTAS nominated Paul for the Award.

Saskatoon’s Blair Schlosser was presented with a Tennis Canada Distinguished Service Award for his commitment to the sport of tennis. Tennis Saskatchewan vice president Erick Preciado presented Blair with his award at the Riverside Badminton and Tennis Club on Oct. 8. Blair has been involved in tennis over the past 40-plus years as a coach, official, administrator, tournament director, coordinator, and volunteer. Tennis Saskatchewan would also like to thank Katie Ormerod, Tim Makahoniuk, and the club for making all the arrangements for the presentation. Tennis Saskatchewan nominated Blair for the award.

Thank you Paul and Blair for your tremendous passion and commitment tennis. Your awards are well deserved.

Paul Feraro received the award on Sept. 3.