Photo : ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

Paul Rivard, Tennis Canada – Feb. 16, 2022
Photo : ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

He’s finally done it.

The fantastically promising Félix Auger-Aliassime won an ATP title.

It was one of the longest waits in history in terms of finals without a win. Only Pat Dupre and Cédric Pioline (0/9) fared worse.

But that’s irrelevant now. By ending his seemingly interminable drought, the 21-year-old opened the door to so much more success in the near future.

And that future is BRIGHT.

By annihilating his nemesis at the indoor tournament in Rotterdam, Auger-Aliassime completed his eternal quest and stopped a losing streak against Tsitsipas, who had won their last five matches in the past three years.

The victory even earned FAA a spot on the homepage of the ATP website.