Following the decisions by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Tennis Canada to implement a new “No Service Let Rule” for all junior tournaments, Tennis Saskatchewan will be implementing this rule for all junior tournaments starting with the upcoming 2018 outdoor season. The rule mandates that if a served ball touches the net and lands in the appropriate service box, that ball is live and in play and a replay of the serve will not take place. Here is the statement by Tennis Canada:

The ITF has stated the following:

No Service Lets – ITF Junior Circuit and ITF Junior Team Competitions

Service lets will not be played at any level in the above competitions, including the ITF Junior Masters and the Youth Olympic Games Tennis Event. If the serve hits the net and goes into the correct service box, the ball will be in play. This rule change aims to reduce disputes in junior matches, which are largely played without a chair umpire. It is consistent with the ATP Next Generation 21 & under event.

Tennis Canada will implement the “no service let” rule at the National Junior events this summer. It will be used in all age divisions at the 2018 Outdoor Junior Nationals (U12-U18) and the National Junior Open Series events (U12-U16). In addition, it will be in effect at all ITF Junior events in Canada, and around worldwide. This rule adoption in Canada is a positive move for our juniors who are competing in ITF Junior events, and ensures we are aligned with the ITF.