March 10, 2021 – Every person who visits an outdoor tennis club/court(s) must follow public health orders in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

  • Competition (including Inter-provincial and intra-provincial competition) is not permitted at this time.  Players may do conditioning and skills training only.  Tournaments are not permitted.
  • Group sizes must comply with the outdoor public gathering restrictions in the public health order.  The maximum number of people permitted at any one time at the outdoor courts will not exceed 4 players per court, as long as a physical distance of two metres is maintained between non-household groups.
  • Avoid gathering with other individuals or groups.  People not from the same household must maintain two metres of physical distancing at all times.  Limit gathering with other people when entering and leaving the outdoor courts.
  • Encourage participants to arrive no more than five to ten minutes before the scheduled activity to reduce people gathering in groups.  Please vacate the tennis club area once you are finished playing.
  • Spectators / parents should be limited as much as possible.  Discourage gatherings of spectators / parents in common areas (outside the court area).  Only players to be permitted in the tennis court area.
  • People exhibiting signs of illness should not enter the tennis club / facility area. If you think you may be sick, use the Government of Saskatchewan’s self-assessment tool for COVID-19 and follow the subsequent directions.
  • Player contact information will be obtained for contact tracing purposes and kept for a four week period.
  • Participants are required to WEAR A MASK upon entering the club / courts, in transit to the courts, while using the change rooms, and/or while waiting to start training (physical distancing required as much as possible).  Participants DO NOT need to wear a mask while training / playing tennis.  Anyone actively engaged in tennis is exempt from the use of non-medical masks.  For ages 18 and under individual conditioning and skills training, please keep your mask on until your Instructor / Coach instructs you to remove it.
  • Ensure frequent hand hygiene for everyone before, during and after outdoor play.  It is recommended to carry and use hand sanitizers approved by Health Canada (DIN or NPN number) before and after using the courts.
  • Do not share equipment between players / groups.
  • Signage must be posted near court entrances to caution about the risks of COVID-19, as well as educate users in following the guidelines.  Signage should include the following reminders:
    • Individuals who are sick should stay home.
    • A physical distance of two metres must be maintained between people not from the same household.
    • Individuals should wash their hands before and after using the courts.
    • Washroom facilities must have an increased cleaning and disinfecting schedule, ensuring soap and water or a hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada (DIN or NPN number) is available, as well as the proper disposal of paper hand towels.
    • Garbage bins should be emptied frequently.
  • The Club to designate one or more people to be responsible for ensuring compliance with all guidelines / protocols.